The Best Stainless Steel Meat Slicers in 2021

Are you looking for a meat slicer that provides exceptional quality as well as durability? Then a best stainless steel meat slicer is just what you need!

In the next few segments, you can find all the important information about the 6 best models that are currently up for sale. Check them out and find a model that suits your needs the most.

Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Meat Slicers 2021

1. Anescra Deli Food Slicer

This thin meat slicer will provide you with a very powerful performance. It comes with a 200 Watt motor that creates high-yield slicing power. As a result, you will be able to use the machine through slice through versatile ingredients.

The amazing thing about this stainless steel meat slicer is that it comes with two different slicing blades. The package includes both a serrated and non-serrated one. The first one will easily cut through raw ingredients while the second one is a much better choice for cooked food.

Because of its thickness control knob, this kitchen meat slicer will allow you to adjust the thickness of each slice it makes according to your likings. You can set it between zero to fifteen millimeters by moving the control knob in the desired direction.

No need to worry that your child might accidentally turn on the slicer. It features a simple child lock protection system that provides additional safety to the machine. It also has non-slip rubber bottom feet that give the unit additional stability.


  • Powerful 200 Watt motor
  • Creates high-yield slicing power
  • Comes with serrated and non-serrated blades
  • Completely removable stainless steel blade
  • Adjustable precise thickness control
  • A safety child lock protection system
  • Anti-slip bottom rubber feet

2. Weston Meat and Food Slicer

Because of its compact design, this meat slicer is the perfect choice for versatile kitchen surroundings. It will take up very little counter space. The best thing is that you will easily find the perfect storage space for it inside your cabinets.

This heavy-duty meat slicer features high-quality aluminum housing. On the other hand, its slicing blade is crafted out of fully coated stainless steel material. Most importantly, the blade is highly resistant to corrosion and rust so you can be sure that it will provide lasting performance.

As opposed to the rest of the listed models, this stainless steel meat slicer is belt-driven. This means that it will produce much lower noise than its competitors. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful performance.

The sturdy base of this machine comes with bottom suction cups that immobilize the machine on your worktops. Thanks to this feature you don’t have to worry that the machine might slip while you push the carriage.


  • Compact space-saving design
  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • High-quality aluminum housing
  • Belt drive ensures quiet performance
  • Sturdy base with suction cup feet

3. Professional Series Meat Slicer

Just like the rest of these models, this slicer also features a very simple plug-in design. This means that everything you need to have for it, to provide a proper performance, is a power source you can plug it into.

This is another electric meat cutter that features high-quality construction. Its housing is made out of die-cast aluminum material, while its slicing blade is made out of durable stainless steel material. The blade has serrated ends that can easily cut through versatile ingredients.

You can use this machine to slice up versatile ingredients. It will easily slice through meat, versatile delis, cheese, vegetables, fruits, etc. The best thing is that it will provide efficient results in a very short time.

The most important thing you need to know is that this stainless steel meat slicer is ETL listed. This means that all of its electrical components have been tested and approved to meet specific requirements set by Electrical Testing Laboratories.


  • Simple electric plug-in design
  • Specially designed for versatile use
  • High-quality die-cast aluminum housing
  • 7.5-inch stainless steel serrated blade
  • Approved to meet specific ETL requirements

4. Chefman Deli & Food Slicer

This is another meat cutter machine for home that features a space-saving footprint. Thanks to this feature you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect place for it on your countertops. You can even store it away inside your kitchen cupboards without worrying that it might take up too much space.

Because of its powerful 180 Watt AC motor, this stainless steel meat slicer will also provide exceptional performance. In combination with its serrated 7.5-inch slicing blade, it will easily cut through the versatile ingredients you need to slice.

Since its stainless steel blade is completely removable, you’ll be able to give the machine a thorough clean after each use. Remember that you should always dry up all parts of the unit before you set it up again.

Another amazing thing about this deli meat slicer for home use is that it offers versatile safety features. These include a blade safety guard and a transparent food pusher, both designed to keep your fingers safe from the blade. It also has non-slip feet and an on/off switch for additional safety.


  • Features a space-saving footprint
  • Powerful 180 Watt AC motor
  • Retractable and removable slicing blade
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Provides versatile safety features
  • Approved to meet cETL safety requirements

5. XinChangShangMao Frozen Meat Slicer

Compared to the rest of these models, this meat slicer is made for manual use. This means that it will require some manual labor. However, its slicing blade is extremely sharp and it will easily cut through frozen meat and hard veggies. Keep in mind that it can’t slice fresh meat.

You can adjust the thickness of each slice you make with this cheap meat slicer between 0.2 and 25 millimeters. Everything you need to do to adjust it to your likings is to adjust the meat slice thickness screws on the side of the unit.

Alongside this stainless steel meat slicer, you will get versatile accessories that might make your experience much more enjoyable. These include one additional blade, ten meat bags for a freezer, a knife stone that will help you sharpen the blade, and one wrench.

Out of all the listed models, this frozen meat slicer comes at the most affordable price. It costs less than fifty dollars meaning that it is the perfect choice for everyone who is looking for a more budget-friendly option.


  • Designed for manual use
  • Durable alloy blade with coated handle
  • Thickness range between 0.2 and 25mm
  • Includes versatile user-friendly accessories
  • Comes at the most affordable price

Buying Guide

The stainless steel meat slicers I reviewed in this post all provide a lasing performance and come with versatile features that make them much more enjoyable to use. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when choosing the model you want to buy.

Construction Design

First of all, keep in mind that the food slicers I reviewed in this post aren’t entirely made out of stainless steel. They all have stainless steel blades, but their housing is, depending on their design, either made of stainless steel or die-cast aluminum.

Lasting Performance

Because of the quality of their blade, all these meat slicers will provide lasting performance. Keep in mind that you need to re-sharpen the blade every so often to ensure that it provides the best results with every single use.

Blade’s Size

The blade’s size is what determines how big slices the machine can make. Even though most of these models have a 7.5-inch slicing blade they will still provide amazing performance and be able to cut through versatile ingredients.

Thickness Control

Another very important thing you definitely need your cheese and meat slicer to provide is a precise thickness control system. That way you will be able to adjust the thickness of every slice the machine makes according to your needs and likings.

Safety Features

There are some safety features you should look for when purchasing a stainless steel meat slicer. For instance, some models come with a child-safe locking mechanism, have a recessed power switch, etc. You can even look for models that come with safety certificates such as UL, ETL, etc.


The best stainless steel meat slicer is the Anescra Deli Food Slicer. It comes with a powerful 200 Watt motor that provides high-yield slicing power and two different slicing blades both serrated and non-serrated blades. To learn more about similar models on the market, check out my post about the best industrial meat slicers and the best commercial deli slicers and find out which option suits your needs better.


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